Frequently Asked Questions - Merindoc Wines
Frequently Asked Questions - Merindoc Wines
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Frequently Asked Questions

Merindoc Wine Club

How will I know what wines will be included in my next delivery?

Typically, new reds are released in June and new season whites are released in September, our December pack consist of our best picks for Christmas drinking and our Autumn pack is a selection of the wines we believe to be drinking the best at the time.

Can I pick up rather than paying delivery?

We require notification if you wish to collect your wine from our Cellar Door, notification must be given at least 7 days prior to your expected delivery date.

What if I am going away on holidays and won’t be home around the time of delivery?

Just let us know the best time to send your delivery, or an alternative address and we will be happy to oblige.

Are my account details security protected?

Yes, absolutely, we use a secure system that protects your privacy and any personal information that you share with Merindoc Vintners.

What months do you ship the wine?

We will send your delivery within the first week of the new season, so March, June, September and December.

Do I have access to purchase museum stock?

Yes, once in a while we will pull out a few cases from the cellar, dust them off and offer them to you.

Have another question?

Simply call us on (03) 5433 5188 or email