Willoughby Bridge Tempranillo *SOLD OUT* - Merindoc Wines
Willoughby Bridge Tempranillo *SOLD OUT* - Merindoc Wines
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Willoughby Bridge Tempranillo *SOLD OUT*

Willoughby Bridge Tempranillo *SOLD OUT*


Vintage 2017 – Our first release *SOLD OUT*

This Vintage provided excellent growing conditions with sufficient rain late in the season. The outcome was perfectly ripened Tempranillo grapes to produce an intensely aromatic, textured, expressive wine.

The Vineyard

Tempranillo, the benchmark variety of Spain, is grown at our Willoughby Bridge Vineyard, at Colbinabbin in the Northern Heathcote Wine Region. With a north to south row orientation, this vineyard is spur pruned to encourage a dense canopy to protect the fruit from the harsh afternoon summer sun. All rows are mulched naturally, this protection at the base of the vines minimises sun reflection and alters the micro climate to make it milder within the vine canopy.


The Winemaking

After hand picking the grapes were processed whole berry into 1 small open fermenter. After a 3 day cold soak, the juice was hand plunged 3 times a day for optimum colour and tannin extraction. Total time on skins 16 days. Pressed to tank, then after 2 days settling, racked to old French bariques. Allowed to sit over spring until racked in November post malolactic fermentation. Another 6 months in oak and bottled in July  2018.


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