Heathcote Wine & Food Festival - Merindoc Wines
Heathcote Wine & Food Festival - Merindoc Wines
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Heathcote Wine & Food Festival

Heathcote Wine & Food Festival

Start date: October 5, 2019

End date: October 6, 2019

Time: 10am - 5pm

Location: Heathcote Show Grounds

Heathcote Wine and Food Festival is an icon on the Australian wine calendar – running annually for more than 16 years and expanding the experience of new generations of wine fans hooked on the fine produce from the Heathcote wine region.

The showcase of the region’s major industry 4000-plus people each year from across Victoria and interstate for one of Victoria’s signature regional wine events. Many are festival regulars who have become enthusiastic ambassadors for the Heathcote wine region renowned for its stunning shiraz releases and now carving an exciting reputation for Mediterranean-style reds and other varietals.

And joining them each year are first-time visitors eager to experience an exciting weekend in regional Victoria, arriving on special buses from Melbourne and Bendigo and in groups of family and friends.

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